The End.

A teacher’s year doesn’t end on December 31. It ends in May. May 27 is drawing closer now. There are so many things to look forward to when the end is near. So because I look forward too much this time of year, it’s time I look back.

This year has brought great things. Not only do I have another year to build experiences upon, I had a great class. The things I will miss…

  • Taylor’s innocence. She is one of those kids who is still truly a kid. She loves to have fun and wants the people around her to be happy.
  • Morgan’s cleanliness. Oh man this girl is clean! She reminds me of me in elementary school. Orderly, stuck with my bestie, serious about learning.
  • Jayden’s airplanes. Although I won’t miss all my scotch tape disappearing, I will miss the creativity of his construction. Not to mention he’s adorable, most days.
  • Karliegh’s listening abilities. In conversation, she will just soak up the information you feed her. She’s willing to change things.
  • Haylie’s undeniable sense of what’s going on around her. I think that girl knows everything about everything. Sometimes good, sometimes not. Ha ha!
  • Shaylin’s balance of serious and fun. Mostly, she is quiet as a mouse and is always doing exactly what I ask of her. Unless she starts to rap about washing her hands.
  • Trent’s imagination. He can drum his pants, on his face, with legos, little bits of who knows what… wow. Imagination can sometimes get out of control. But you gotta hand it to him, somehow he knows the answers to my questions.
  • Mo, oh mo. This face never looks anything by bright. I’ll miss the eagerness that Mo provides every stinkin’ day.
  • Mac’s down to earthness when it’s just the two of us. He’s just a regular kid trying to make it in the world.
  • David’s two faces. That isn’t normally a good thing, but this kid can turn on and shut off silly in an instant. He is SO smart. He loves to share knowledge and laughs.
  • Paul’s real world head. It’s like he’s lived out there for 16 years. He knows a lot of cool random facts, and he’s so matter-of-fact.
  • Ryann’s excitement about life in general. I could give her a 3 year old piece of Bazooka and she would jump for joy.
  • Jordan’s endurance. She’s got the makings of a scientist. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again! She never gets weary.
  • Emily’s flexibility. Wow that girl can do a back flip flat footed and make it look easy. Lucky.
  • Hannah’s properness and knowledge of the classroom government. I can just see her at a tea party with frills on her dress and white gloves on her hands, pinky out.
  • Addison’s chameleon abilities. As a newbie, she fits in so well, like she’s always been here. She must be pretty cool to be able to do that.
  • Gabby’s great attitude and reasoning. Even when news is bleak, somehow she says it in a way that makes it not so bad.

As we all get summer fever, let’s try to remember the good in the people around us, whether those be students or just plain co-workers. Take some time out of your day and make a list of all the good things about what you do for a living. I bet when you do, you’ll find it’s not so bad after all.

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