I’ve been thinking it over

It’s time I thought about how I’m-a doing.

Emotional tank: on E.

  • I’m tanked. It seems like in the last month or so, I’ve really had to fight my way through tragedy around me. From every which way, I see people hurting and making bad choices and suffering at the will of others. I have had hard conversations with people more often than not it seems, and I’m getting weary of the dreadful feeling that comes when I know I must face an issue, even when I’d rather just curl up and die. I’m feeling the pain of other people, and I really hurt because of it.

Physical tank: 3/4 full

  • I have recently begun to have a chronic knee crack. This worries me but it doesn’t hurt. And, I’ve still be running on it and it seems to be okay. We bumped it up to 2.5 miles running now (woo hoo.) Our April Fool’s Run is coming soon. I am no long distance runner, but 5ks are actually pretty light and fun. I enjoy myself.

Spiritual tank: 1/2 full

  • It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged spiritually. I need to get back into the word. I finished 1 Peter and now I am looking for something to read next. I also finished Passion and Purity several weeks ago and need to get me a new book to read. I’m thinking “How to Read the Bible for all its Worth.” But anyway, I’m transitioning into something new now, so I’m hopeful. I feel like lately there has been much for me to be praying over too. See the emotional tank for more detail there. But I’m not very good about praying regularly…I wonder if God is trying to get me to pray more because of the crap that’s been going on around me. I feel compelled to pray these days.

Mental tank: 2/3 full

  • When state assessments are over, my mental state will be so much happier. I’m so ready to start doing fun things in school again. (Although we just finished making a really fun video to help us remember our prefixes and suffixes, watch it here!) Other than at school, I don’t feel lots of stress mentally.

One thought on “I’ve been thinking it over

  1. I think the devil has been throwing darts! I don’t like that!!!!! We need to double clad ourselves in the armor of God. Life is a roller coaster and we are just here for a moment to enjoy the ride. Every little twist and turn builds our character. Our character building experience can be pretty painful sometimes, but it will make you and me a better person. Thank you for sharing your struggles. I now know what to pray more specifically for. I love you!

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