On a more… secular… note…  Just had a delightful chat with a good friend of mine, who probably wishes to remain anonymous in this post (ha ha!). After much intellectual musings, she stated that she has recently been on a Cosmopolitan bashing streak, looking for articles that give absolutely terrible advice. She clearly hit the jackpot on this one.

Who would ever do what is explained in the blue dot and shown in the picture? “Excuse me most handsome male figure, I need to take a restroom break, I need to grab a hair tie…” I would have to agree, this is probably THE worst tip that anyone could ever give. I wouldn’t even think about doing this if I was on a deserted island fighting for survival (okay I do admit, now that I have the idea singed into my brain, maybe I would think of doing it).

I suppose I have no room to speak about whether or not this is downright nasty, because I’m not a pig of a guy who might think that this is really a home run. In the words of my friend, “This is 2010! Aren’t those people dead yet?”

Attention Cosmo reader: Stop  your subscription immediately.


One thought on “GIGO

  1. I was just noticing the other little trick listed there. “Flip a deck of cards”? How amazing! That idea is almost as lame as the hair tie is vulgar. Someone got paid big bucks to feed this garbage to whoEVER pays to read it. World Identity in Full Blosom.

    Great catch you guys.

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