Let me take you back to a time long ago. It was Valentine’s Day your 4th grade year.  Do you remember the excitement of picking out the perfect and coolest valentines at the store? Then, that night, you hand addressed each envelope and made sure that the prettiest valentines were addressed to your best friend and of course that special someone. At school, recall with me, opening your sacks to find 19 love letters addressed to YOU! Then attached to each one, a piece of lovingly taped candy. The week prior, you decorated your bag with everything hearts, and then hung it for all to see. They hung for at least a month, right?

I get to experience this every year, except I get upwards of 30 letters of love and a whole bag full of candy. You’d think it was Halloween turned pink. I would like to take the time to clear up some misconceptions that you might still have from these days of glory.

  1. Your bag was not actually hung up a month prior. It was probably hung more like 3 days before Valentine’s Day.
  2. No matter how much you thought that special someone picked that one Valentine note just to melt your heart, he/she probably didn’t even think about it.
  3. The awesome Valentine’s Party didn’t actually last all day. In fact, it was probably over in less than an hour.
  4. Your teacher, even though you probably didn’t think much about her and assumed she was having a dandy old time, probably had a headache on Valentine’s Day.
  5. 4th grade relationships are filled with drama, but I just can’t bring myself to call it love. He’s just not that into you.
  6. What ever came of all those wrappers and pieces of ticker tape sized papers strewn across the floor after the party? Oh yeah, your teacher picked it up after school. Now that’s true love.

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