Keep Your Coins, I Want Change

“I made sure you’ll lose everything, since nothing makes you change.” -Jeremiah 15:7b

Well, the book of Jeremiah is a book I’ve picked up very infrequently in the past, but decided to give a chance. So far so bad. I mean what a tearful life the guy must have lived. So much condemnation from God to a people group that Jeremiah really cared about. A very worldly culture he lived in, nonetheless. God no likey.

Just the quoted verse has stuck with me so far. God wanted to get through to these people, since their secular ways were really getting out of hand. By the looks of it, the Israelites were not willing to turn from their precious lives. In turn, God would take it all away. He’d get their attention.

Of course, when I try to apply this to my own life, there’s some connection. I don’t feel quite like an Israelite, ignoring God’s pleas and warnings. Change for the better is something I really desire in all aspects of life. But I’ve noticed that there’s something that makes it so change doesn’t happen easily. Could it be that piece of world that is within me? Because I can consciously choose to do activities that change eternity probably on a daily basis, I suppose I have to answer “yes” to that question. Many times, I do not choose the eternal option. The world is fallen. So am I. Crap.

Having said that, I must say that I’m giving many other opportunities to change a shot. No, I am not perfect, but I hope that God can look at me and say that He sees my life being transformed into a Christ replica. That is my desire.

I have improving to do, yes. I must be willing to take action when change is necessary. Even if it means that I lose everything worldly in the process.

Change needed:

  • Interactions with students who annoy me greatly
  • The desire for recognition from others
  • The NOW mentality
  • Choosing _______ over prayer

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