Project Bathroom, Check!

Well, after many days of slaving away (not really me, but mostly Logan) the bathroom is finally finito! Here’s what the project turned out including:

  1. Removing ugly faux gold towel racks, TP roll, and doorknob
  2. Spackling the giant monkey bar holes
  3. Painting the walls “Ocean Fog”
  4. Removing original shower rod and replacing it with a curved, brushed nickel rod with new sliding hooks
  5. Replacing towel racks with brushed nickel set
  6. Adding handles to the storage cabinets and replacing the vanity handles with matching brushed nickel ones
  7. Replacing the shower faucet unit
  8. Replacing the sink faucets
  9. Putting up trim around the awkward small window
  10. Replacing floor rug
  11. Replacing the toothbrush holder with brushed nickel one
  12. Painting two canvases that match the bathroom colors

And ta-da! Here are some pictures of the final product! Another thing to mark off the long fun list of things to improve in our house.

We’ve both been pretty ambitious lately when it comes to home improvement (usually its just me and Logan has to set me straight, or I have to set him straight).

Next up, installing a programmable thermostat and covering up the giant holes that adorn the sheetrock as you enter the basement. Rock and roll.

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