Must We Go There?

1 Peter 1 :18a says,

“Your life is a journey you must travel with a deep consciousness of God.” [Msg]

Words of choice: journey, must, consciousness

The second word I must take note of is must. A duel-meaning word and I won’t be talking about the smell coming from the basement closet.

Must means required. You have to do it. There isn’t an opt out button. And in this case, I must travel. And I’m  not just going down to the QT either, I am embarking on a journey.

Similar to journey, must is active. The innuendo of must is a verb… I must _______. So in other words, I have to do something when it comes to must.

Must, must, must. Peter here really believes that this journey we’re taking is necessary. Why? Perhaps it goes back to the root of journey. If I don’t believe that this adventure is a necessity, then I must be lagging behind or retreating.

If I think about this idea in a physical sense, if I am inactive, my body gets used to the lethargic habit. It doesn’t want to do anything. And then, I become this unhealthy blob of un-motivation, good for… well, nothing but feelings of guilt because my body is looking rather unkempt. Someone has to come along and push me out of the state of living I chose. Not a good place to be, but I’ve been there.

In the same way, if I had the choice not to participate in this spiritual journey, I eradicate myself from any growth I might have hoped for. I become a blob of matter that just “doesn’t feel like” doing anything. I avoid reading, praying, and talking about Jesus with people. I’ve been there too. The reality is that I need to be on this journey. I can’t live abundantly short of it.

So, Peter does have a good thought when he uses the word must. He didn’t say “should” or “ought to” or even “have the option to.” He knew that this journey of life MUST be traveled. To answer my own question of “must we go there?,” yes we must. I’ll get to how we must travel later.

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