Journey of Consciousness

1 Peter 1 :18a says,

“Your life is a journey you must travel with a deep consciousness of God.” [Msg]

Words of choice: journey, must, consciousness

First of all, journey is a key word. In this passage, it’s used as a noun, but I will use it also as a verb.

  • synonyms of journey: voyage, trip, travels, here to there, endeavor, trek.
  • antonyms of journey: static, home, retreat, lag.

Journeys are active. They are not easy and can be dangerous. They are usually long. You are moving. They take adventurous and/or motivated individuals to complete. Does that describe my life? I definitely need to edit my life, because my life synonyms look more like “hang out, lethargy, and stand still” rather than “active, moving, and adventurous.”

How to edit? Merge the sacred and the secular. Direct pointless conversation to something deeper. I hate the surface, but I tend to stay there most of the time. What’s life apart from deep-sea diving into people’s lives? What is the merit of staying on top of the water when we know there are really cool things (not to mention really dangerous things) down below? Surface means static, comfortable, home base. Underwater means moving, active, unsafe, endeavors. This sure gives new meaning to the words sink or float… friends, I guess I’d rather sink!

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