In House Project

Well, it’s Christmas break and I should probably use my time wisely since I won’t get a decent break like this until spring break! What better way to fill a week than to do some home improvement?

So, here we go: the bathroom! When we moved in, we painted it Woodrow Wilson Presidential White, better known as off white. Good to start. Bad to keep.

Actually the color isn’t what we were most concerned with. The towel racks and TP roll were butt ugly, a gaudy fake gold, and appeared to have been a set of monkey bars for a child or a nice lifting tool used for an old person to conveniently get off the john. Not quite stable. Gotta go.

We really started this project last summer, when we replaced the sink faucets from an eighties meltdown to a more modern look. See pictures for a before and after. Luckily the quartzy handle is gone and brushed nickel has been introduced, which is also what we went for on all the hardware the bathroom.

Then this fall, Logan replaced the shower faucet (which leaked into the shower, making us a not-so-green family) which turned out to be a major project. Whew, glad we didn’t have to call a plumber in on that one. Thanks Dad for helping out with that, for free, mind you!

A Lowe’s trip several weeks ago and a late night Wal-mart trip last night gave us all the supplies we needed to get going.

Taking the towel racks and TP roll off proved to us that our racks were once used as a jungle gym, so spackling was necessary. Plus, some of the towel racks were unimportant and/or crooked! So Logan just spackled over the holes and we’re starting over.

So,  an Ocean Fog color, new towel racks, TP roll, faucets, shower curtain rod and hooks, and a new floor mat and we’ll be done! Wish us luck.

2 thoughts on “In House Project

  1. hi! looks like you guys got a good go on the project. how’s it coming? you gonna post pictures of the finished project!?

    • Yes! We are almost completely done with the bathroom. Only a Lowe’s trip and back is standing in our way. Can you believe Lowe’s is closed on New Year’s Day at 7pm? What is this world coming to?

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